Overdrive: Tesla not up to hype; Nissan Warrior; Audi Q3; Jaguar drive day; Abandoned cars

Welcome to Overdrive, a program where we occasionally include facts in our good discussions about motoring and transport.

I’m David Brown

  1. The latest Car Sales figures (1:24)
  2. AAA Warns Pedestrian Detection Systems Don’t Work When Needed Most (2:31)
  3. Tesla’s Smart Summon Performance Doesn’t Match Marketing Hype (3:44)
  4. New Nissan Navara N-TREK Warrior (4:58)
  5. Audi Q3 – 2nd Generation launched in Australia (5:54)
  6. Motoring minute – Nissan Path Finder (7:08)
  7. Our resident artist Dean Oliver discusses a one-day jaunt in a series of Jaguars (8:29)
  8. Motoring minute – Volkswagen Touareg (15:05)
  9. Motoring minute – Volkswagen BMW Z4 (16:05)
  10. Rob Fraser gives some details on the launch on the new Audi Q3 (17:16)
  11. A quirky news story with Brian Smith (22:58)

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So, let’s start with the news

Originally broadcast 12 October 2019


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