Overdrive: Nissan Executives talk about new models and the future: New Fiat 500 and Hyundai Santa Fe

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  1. Hyundai launches Santa Fe Hybrid (1:21)
  2. Hot Fiat 500 all electric model launched in Europe (2:55)
  3. Ford sounds off about the new Raptor (4:28)
  4. Sebastian Vettel Retires from Formula 1 (6:05)

Feature (7:45)

  • We have been to the launch of two new versions of the Nissan vehicles: the X-Trail and Pathfinder. Our driving impressions are embargoed at this stage and we will bring full reports in the coming weeks.
  • But we did speak to two executives about electric vehicles, market trends and government policies especially the aggressive approaches being shown in New Zealand

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Originally broadcast on 29 September 2022