Foton – Starting up again – Getting it right this time?


The Foton Motor Company is said to be China’s largest and most successful manufacturer of commercial vehicles.  They launched onto the Australian market towards the end of 2012 but this proved to be unsuccessful.

Now they have re-launched with a different company in charge of distribution.  Ateco, who have a long history of distributing a wide range of vehicles in Australia and New Zealand, have taken on the task with Foton.

Just what does it take to get a new name up and running.

Daniel Cotterill is the PR consultant for Asian brands with Ateco and he joins us on the line.


  • If you were asked to sell Toyotas or Holdens or Mazdas in the market that would be pretty straight forward.  What is the first steps you need to do to create a brand new brand in the Australian market.
  • How do you go about getting dealers – will the existing ones continue on?  That’s a big selling job as well.
  • Who are the target market – although they are utes it is not just the purely commercial buyer.
  • When Foton launched first time in Australia it was about $5,000 dearer than Chinese brands
  • How important is it to have a range of vehicles
  • You also sell Great Wall vehicles –  is that a conflict?
  • You are reported to have said that the SUV might be launched in 2015 but it needs some finessing before being put into the market – what does that mean?
  • Foton has just had a recall  – it is about the car jacks that are used in some vehicles -they won’t help the image
  • The Foton name – it’s very similar to the name of a fold out bed.

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