Nissan Juke – Distinctive styling – Small SUV

Let me say at the start that my cousin who’s in her thirties and is into style in a big way, loved the look  of the Nissan Juke small SUV.

I confess I find it distinct rather than elegant.  But it is not meant to be elegant it is meant to be individual, quirky, cheeky even.  And it is still a good car

And to tell us about it I have on the line Tim O’Brien from the motor report web site.

  • Front head lights sit low and to the side and the parking light are like eyebrows that are up high.
  • It’s up tall but it is not the boxy shape of a typical SUV
  • Very competitive part of the market and it is growing
  • Interior is different – the two dials in front don’t just sit on a flat screen they have rings around them like fried egg rings.  Looks different.
  • Dual climate control
  • Small cargo area
  • Strong competition – Ford Eco Sport – which is not selling well
  • Clever AWD system that includes vectoring
  • Under the bonnet lies the same 140kW/240Nm 1.6 litre turbo four-pot from the Pulsar SSS,
  • CVT automatic gearbox

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