NZ police to get Skodas to replace Holdens

With Holden leaving the market, Australia police forces have chosen a range of different alternatives.

Now NZ police have taken a direction similar to Europe more than Australia.

They will be replacing their Holden fleet with Skodas built in the Czech Republic.

The specific model is the Skoda Superb station wagon in either the 162KW 2WD or 206KW all wheel drive layout.

NZ has some 2000 primary response vehicles currently and they saw Holden’s withdrawal as an opportunity to reduce carbon emissions and ensure value for money across their fleet.

When frontline staff tested the Skodas they liked the large, wide opening doors, easy-to-read instruments, front and rear visibility, and the space for rear passengers

Electric and hybrid vehicles were tested, but limitations including power efficiency and the total cost of ownership meant they were not the preferred option.

NZ police to get Skodas to replace Holdens

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