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England campaign to stop tailgating

England has a problem with aggressive drivers tailgating the vehicles in front of them. According to figures from Highways England almost nine out of 10 drivers say they have been tailgated, with some left feeling “victimised”. One in eight of all road casualties are caused by people who drive too close to the vehicle in

Overdrive: News; Automatic braking when reversing; Last Oz Commodore; Suzuki Vitara; Quirky news

Overdrive – News: Automatic braking in reverse; Drones for traffic management; Effect of congesting pricing; Open Speed limits; Moving footpaths instead of trains, Targeting tailgating; Ford Falcon’s death date. We discuss the last Australian built Commodore. We review the latest Suzuki Vitara. Plus quirky news including: Virtual cockpits; Man-spreading, filming accidents rather than helping. Originally