Overdrive Program – Obama supports V2V, Williams F1, ANCAP challenges Nissan Qashqai safety

Hello and welcome to Overdrive, a program that looks at the factors facing our attitude and actions to motoring and transport.

I’m David Brown

This program and extended segments of the feature interview, road test and panel discussion are also available on the website.

In this program we look at news stories from around the world including:

  1. Obama touting ‘vehicle to vehicle’ technology
  2. Automakers speed up debuts to survive in tough market
  3. Williams opens new £8 million technical centre
  4. New Qashqai Is 5 Star But What’s Missing?
  5. Low cost solution to encourage drivers to maintain safe following distances
  6. Hyundai’s ix35 Fuel Cell Undertakes Record Hydrogen-Powered Drive
  7. Jaguar brings Gran Turismo to the road

In our feature interview we talk to Professor Andy Dong the Chair of Engineering Innovation at the University of Sydney about flying cars.

We road test the Nissan Qashqai

And in our panel discussion with Errol Smith and Brian Smith we chat about a range of subjects including:

  1. The app that lets you text and drive (I’ll believe it when I hear it working).
  2. Just taking the car for a swim! Pair want to travel at 100mph (set land speed record) – in a JACUZZI (another Kickstarter thing where people want free money to do stupid things)

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