Overdrive: Speed limiters; Proton returns; Annoying things about cars, Kia Picanto

Hello and welcome to Overdrive a program that looks at all forms of transport from the humble bike through to rocket-powered space travel.


I’m David Brown


In this week’s program

  1. Speed limiters mandatory in all European cars by 2022 (1:33)
  2. Canadian government invests in zero-emission vehicles (3:03)
  3. PROTON looks set to relaunch in Australia (3:51)
  4. Scottish safety initiative combats speeding and tailgating (4:36)
  5. Could Hawaii Be Paradise For Hydrogen-Powered Public Transit? (5:28)
  6. Jimny World urban Car winner (6:09)
  7. We talk to Rob Fraser about the things cars  try to do for you that are meant to be helpful but are not. (6:44)
  8. What new on our FaceBook site OverdriveCity (13:59)
  9. Alan Zurvas Road test the base model Kia Picanto (14:22)
  10. And Brian Smith and I talk about new ways to deliver your parcels and how much it costs to advertise on a formula 1 car. (20:18)


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Originally broadcast 27 April 2019

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