Overdrive: Diesel Particulate filters; Ugly car wraps; More semi-conductor troubles; Nissan Warrior

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  • Toyota appeals the class action court decision
  • Hyundai Motor Group and Michelin combine to develop next-generation tyres
  • Semi-Conductor production could face another hurdle

Feature Story

In our feature story, we take up the issue of members of the public being able to dob in illegally parked cars and receive up to 25% of the subsequent fine. Brian Smith raises a number of possibilities about how we many our road space


  • We have some feedback on diesel filters and ugly car wraps

Road Test

  • Road test the Nissan Warrior in a way that uses its capabilities without going to extreme lengths.

Motoring Minute

  • Kluger Hybrid

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Originally broadcast on 25 June 2022

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