A 1953 land Rover Series 1 – Great service on the farm and for the family

In the early 60s John Farquhar’s father bought a secondhand 1953 Land Rover Series 1 to work on his farm in Parkes, 350 kilometres west of Sydney. It’s still there and still going.

His father has passed away but the vehicle has been an important part of the family as John describes with his typical Aussie farmer’s intonation. The audio link to the interview is below and the key comments are:

0:30 – It was a 1953 model but they did not buy it new

1:32 – His father had experience of them in New Guinea bodies didn’t rust but the chassis did.

2:00 – Multiple uses; carry the milk cans; take kids to school; use on the farm

2:50 – It got a new engine (from an Australian family car). Wasn’t as good. They still have the old engine somewhere on the farm!!

4:31 – When they bought another farm in Kangaroo Valley, he had to regularly drive the hour trip between the two. Only travelled at 40-50 mph – to the great annoyance of cars behind. His father said that by travelling relatively slowly, he was saving their lives.

6:17 – They stopped registering it when the brakes stopped working but still used it on the farm

6:52 – It originally had a canvas roof but they replaced it with sheet metal.

8:38 – His father was impressed enough to buy a more modern Land Rover in 1977. It was a big disappointment!!

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