A new tunnel –can a road be the future? – maybe

When the NSW state government recently announced a new road proposal into the Manly/Warringah Peninsular in Sydney in the lead up to a by election there was some cynicism.

Where not there yet but they have nowtaken a further step in producing a facts sheet on the Beaches Link and a new road crossing of the harbour.

They mentioned improving public transport and there are pictures of buses in their animation but there is also a strong emphasis on traditional ideas of improving car traffic flows.  They say it will:

  • Bypass 19 sets of traffic lights
  • Reduce travel times by 35-45 minutes.
  • Future-proof Sydney’s transport
  • Make Sydney’s busiest transport corridor shock-proof

That last point about the Harbour Bridge becoming shock-proof was that in 2015, there were almost 4,000 accidents or breakdowns on the harbour bridge.  And they make a valid point about removing rat-running from local streets, a perennial problem despite past efforts to block backstreet through routes.

Will this be designed or perhaps tripped up on a few of the old traditional one-lines about transport or will it be an opportunity for on-going discussions with the community and the chance to focus on the latest technologies in road based public transport.

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