AITPM’s inaugural CEO Kirsty Kelly chat’s about her career and new role

The Australian Institute of Traffic Planning and Management, is taking another major step as it continues its growth and influence from humble beginnings to a major institute in the field of traffic and transport planning. It has created the position of Chief Executive Officer.

The inaugural CEO of the AITPM is Kirsty Kelly.  We chatted with Kirsty soon after the announcement. 

She spoke about

  • Awareness of the AITPM
  • Who did PIA represent?
  • Kirsty knows about volunteering
  • Social Media
  • Bringing together different divisions
  • Recognizing and helping AITPM branches around the country
  • Communication
  • Recognising that everyone comes from a unique position
  • Change is not about forgetting the past
  • The political process – If we play how do we play

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