Al Turner – Father of the Ford GTHO passes away. John Smailes looks back on his time in Australia

I have mentioned in the past my theory that you can often tell the age of a person, particularly if they are male and particularly if they are a rev-head, by the cars they love.

The period of reverence for mechanised transport coincides with a time between puberty and late teens to early twenties.

Not surprisingly then I have an almost mystical view of the late 60s early 70s and the sectarian divide of Holden versus Ford particularly with gladiatorial contests at Bathurst.

It was a time where you did not buy your loyalty at a merchandising tent but proudly wore the stain on your shirt from a weekend on the Mountain. If it was signed by Brocky it is a holy relic.

Sadly one of the very significant characters of that time, who is only known remembered by a tight fraternity of enthusiasts, has just passed away. Al Turner

In a recorded chat, motoring journalist, commentator, and author John Smailes reminisces on this time.

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