Australian Motoring Festival – Not just a motor show


What is the future of motor shows in Australia?

We have seen the traditional large, static shows in Sydney and Melbourne cancelled through a mixture of high cost, declining audience and disinterest from quite a few motoring companies.

Melbourne has just had a new motor show – Australian Motoring Festival – a cross between a traditional motor show, the royal Easter show and Top Gear festival.

To tell us all about it and how it went I have on the line Geoff Gwilym – Executive


  • What are the elements in this new style of show?
  • You have more movement in your show rather than static displays
  • Where was it held at? – Does this mean that it is more accessible
  • Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy,
  • Isuzu Team D-MAX Iron Summit,
  • AFL players alongside the vehicles at the Toyota display,
  • Volvo’s Polestar racing around the tarmac track,
  • one of Australia’s best collections of classic and vintage vehicles in the History that Moves display.
  • How many attended? – This is not the magnitude of numbers that traditionally went to a motor show
  • How long did it go for?
  • How many could you cope with?

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