Big family? Don’t forget to look at a people mover – e.g. Hyundai iMax

If you have a large family and you need more seats in your vehicle, the temptation is to look at medium to large SUVs that will seat seven people.  But they do this with some compromises. Most SUVs are squeezing in a third row of seats that can be hard to get to and not offer much leg room. Furthermore, by using all the seats, you can end up with very little cargo space in the back.

A people mover is much more fit for purpose if that purpose is to carry people and their luggage without have the image of being a rugged off-road vehicle.

The Hyundai iMax is a design that has been with us for a long time and is not class leading in areas such as safety. The Kia Carnival dominates the segment in Australia.

But the iMax does show some of the great advantages over SUVs when it comes to moving people.

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