Blindspeed: Interview with MotoGP legend, Kevin Magee


I interviewed motor bike racing legend Kevin Magee about his support for Ben Felton trying to break the world land speed record by a blind person on a motor bike.

Kevin has seen some tough and dangerous times but his emotion and commitment to this project is palpable.

After this interview Ben Felten went to the salt flats in Lake Gairdner in South Australia to try and break the world record of just over 265 km/hr for a blind person riding on a motor bike. He was followed and guided by former Motor GP rider Kevin Magee (known as Magoo).
They came close but unprecedented rain and storm conditions during Speed Week constrained Ben from reaching the goal.
Ben came very close with a speed of 251.46kph (156.25 mph).
In a separate run Kevin Magee smashed the 1000cc production motorcycle record aboard the Pirelli Yamaha R1M achieving a speed of 317kph (197mph).
On a positive note, Ben successfully obtained his Dry Lakes Racers Australia (DLRA) 150 mph licence.


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