Bus Stop design Art or function 10 April 2017 – AITPM News

In Canberra, they have implemented a program to restore and save old bus shelters as part of a heritage initiative.
By providing $100,000, the Northern Territory government is getting local Darwin artists to work with at-risk youth and people with disability to paint vivid murals on bus stops, as part of a community outreach project that aims to deter vandalism.
But the simple function of bus stops is also being challenged
In Singapore, an architecture firm and the government have collaborated to create bus stops with books, a rooftop garden, artwork by a local illustrator Lee Xin Li, and a swing.
And users can download e-books from the National Library, charge their phones, and find information on arrival times and journey planning. Screens also broadcast information on weather, news, and local events.
In the Netherlands they have experimented with pictures of grocery items that you can click on to purchase and they will be delivered to your home by courier.
By providing more function to bus stops they become a more significant part of the community.
Similarly what use to be just the service station is now a multi-functional destination that will like to evelove even further in the future.

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