Car features that are meant to be helpful but are not

Sometimes cars do things for you that are meant to be helpful but they’re not what you want. I stopped on the side of the road the other day because I thought I saw something suspicious. It was at night and I thought I might just observe.

The car was the new Mini Cooper.  I pulled over and turned the engine off.  As soon as I did that the interior lights came on. I was lit up like a Christmas tree. That’s not what I wanted. I interviewed my motoring colleague Rob Fraser and we began to compile a list

For starters, the list includes:

  • Warning chimes that don’t tell you exactly what is wrong
  • The volume on the radio always coming on when you turn the car on even when you have turned it off the night before.
  • Navigation instructions that stop showing or telling you where to go when someone rings in on the phone.
  • Cars that lock all the doors when you start travelling to pick up some passengers and then hide the “unlock” from easy access.
  • Buttons on the key fob to unlock the rear hatch door that don’t work unless the car is turned off/doors locked etc.


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