Designing bridges to look good: Reflections on Ray Wedgwood and the Anzac bridge

The post-war boom saw major road construction across the country which included many new bridges. There is much to learn from the life and times of this period. Recently, a well-respected bridge engineer who had worked for the New South Wales Road Authority passed away. Ray Wedgwood was technically excellent, but he also had a passion for the aesthetics of a bridge. It helps if it looks good.

During his career, Ray’s manager at the time, Brian Pearson, wrote a book, “Aesthetics of Bridges”. The Road Authority has subsequently put out a publication “Design guidelines to improve the appearance of bridges in New South Wales”.

But his long career also reflected a time when the professional engineer was valued within a more nurturing environment of the government authority. A man who was there at the time is our good friend, Ken Dobinson, who joins us on the line now.

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