Hyundai i30 SR

Hyundai has launched its new i30 SR.  It is a warm hatch not a hot one.  Super hot hatches are the Renault Megane 265, the Ford Focus ST (184 Kw), the recently released Mercedes with unbelievable horse power and the recently departed Opel Astra OPC.  The traditional hot hatches are the Golf GTi and the Peugeot GTi.  The new Hyundai fits into the “warm” category along with the  Cruze SRi-V, Pulsar SSS and Mazda3 SP25.

After criticism of the handling of their i40, Hyundai has done a lot to convince the motoring press that the i30 SR has up-market suspension that is suited for Australian conditions.  And the result is good.  Listen to David Brown and Brent Davison (from the Newcastle Herald) talk about the i30.

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