In-Vehicle Warning Systems – Helpful road safety or just another distraction?

Modern road safety systems are showcasing what is technically possible in warning drivers of dangerous situations and possibly intervening in the vehicle operation, if not to take complete control but at least to add an element of augmented reality.

But, as we reported the other day on some research from MIT, there can be a big difference between what is technically possible, which we then use to dictate how we want people to respond versus how people respond in real-life situations.

We caught up with Christine Mulvihill who, with a background in psychology, is now a research fellow at Monash University’s Accident Research Centre, and who was about to deliver a paper to the Australian Road Safety Conference.

The title of the paper is “First-Stage Evaluation of a Prototype Driver Distraction Human-Machine-Interface Warning System”.

In-Vehicle Warning Systems – Is it good communication?

Subjects and the timing (in mm:ss) at which they appear in the interview are as follows:

  • The significance of heavy vehicles in road fatalities (1:17)
  • Trucks carry considerable weight that can aggravate a crash situation and it is not always the driver’s fault (1:53)
  • The development of in-vehicle warning devices (2:38)
  • Designing the help the drier not take over (3:33)
  • Engaging with truck drivers not just once (4:44)
  • Companies and drivers are interacting in many positive ways (7:31)
  • With a background in psychology – how this helps with engagement (8:07)
  • A multi-modal warning system (8:51)
  • There research process with a truck simulator (12:18)
  • The potential for individually tailored warnings – not just generic systems (14:01)
  • Continuing the research including car drivers (16:43)
  • The need to avoid false positives with the warning system (19:30)
  • The value of longitudinal research (20:32)

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Originally broadcast 2 October 2021

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