Kia Grand Carnival – The right car for the snow!

Let me start with a confession.  I am not the sort of person who likes to spend a lot of time neatly packing the boot of a car.  The idea that you have to be careful, thoughtful and precise to fit things in does not appear to me.

My old rally partner Fred will pack a boot and find that it doesn’t all fit so he will re-pack it and then even if it fits with a bit of a squeeze – he’ll repack it again to make it work more effectively.  I have learnt to leave him to it and not get involved.  I can’t even bear to watch.

So what do I take last week when I am going to the snow with three extra adults and one child and all the gear.  I borrowed a Kia Grand Carnival people mover.  I loved it.

I might not be trendy but I was certainly happy.

Functional cars – let’s talk about them with Brent Davison from the Newcastle Herald and the Illawarra Mercury.


  • I like to take a bag that is bigger than what I initially need.
  • Seating – the middle row has three seats and you can take the middle one out easily – you can probably take them all out easily for all I know.  Leaves two people with window seats and a big space in the middle.
  • The Rear seat is 60:40 split.  The seats fold into a cavity in the floor.
  • Even with the third-row seats up, the rear area is of good size although there is not covering to hide valuable things from people looking in the back.
  • Sliding doors with power door feature
  • Plenty of storage bins and pockets spaces – gets that lived in feeling which is unusual for a test car
  • The second row of seats does place your legs up high.
  • I had the V6 petrol engined model.  3.5 litre capacity and a lot of power – 202 kw and 336 nm of torque
  • Weighs over two tonne
  • 6 speed automatic – worked well but it had to kick down a gear or two on most hills – especially with cruise control.  I found it was more comfortable to turn the cruise off as you approached a hill and let the car lose a little bit of speed to save changing done in most situation
  • Fuel consumption (L/100km) – Urban 15.6l/100; Extra-urban 8.1; Combined 10.9
  • Price is not cheap
  • Petrol 3.5 Litre V6
    • S $ 39,490.00
    • Si 3.5 Litre V6 $ 41,490.00
    • SLi 3.5 Litre V6 $ 46,990.00
    • Platinum 3.5 Litre V6 $ 52,990.00
    • Premium Paint $ 695.00
  • Diesel 2.2 Litre
    • Si CRDi $ 45,490.00
    • SLi CRDi $ 50,990.00
    • Platinum CRDi $ 56,990.00
    • Premium Paint $ 695.00
  • This means it is $4,000 for the diesel
  • Easy to drive – sweeping country roads – slow down a bit for everyone’s comfort.  It’s not a dynamic performer but who wants it.

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