Make Buses Sexy; Solar car for commuting; Second-hand car sales; Green number plates and Bentleys

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I’m David Brown


  • Gum tree and second-hand vehicles (1:39)
  • Triton (2:30)
  • This breakthrough electric vehicle never needs to be plugged in (3:29)
  • Green numberplates launched, research predicts boost in EV sales (4:29)
  • Bentley’s first EV kicks off brand’s bold reinvention (5:31)


  • We talk a lot about new car sales but how is the market in second hand cars going.  We talk to David Lowe from Gumtree Cars (6:35)

Motoring Minute

  • Audi S4 (12:31)


  • One of Overdrive’s desired transport Policies is to “Make Buses Sexy”.  Brian Smith is doing a big project in Canberra to achieve just that.  He tells us why it is a rewarding but tough task. (13:42)

Motoring Minute

  • Audi SQ5 (21:52)

Quirky News

  • And we continue with Brian Smith in a lighter chat on a report that tries to understand why children like to look at garbage trucks. (23:00)

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Originally broadcast 12 December 2020

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