Mitsubishi PHEV – It’s worth getting use to

The Mitsubishi PHEV, is a plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle

It’s has mixed reviews from the motoring press. Some say that it doesn’t quite know what it is.  Is it a fuel saving electric vehicle or a four wheel drive.

But the NRMA had one for a long term test and they were quite happy

Overdrive had one for an extended period over the Christmas break and found that once you get use to it is serves its function well.

And the respected Motoring internet site – The Motor Report. Gave it their best buy of the year award.

Tim O’Brien from the Motor Report joins us on the line to tell us why.


  • How does it work?
  • Price is a big factor. Electric cars like the small BMW i3 and the Holden Volt plug in Hybrid are much more expensive
  • And they are much smaller vehicles
  • The PHEV is a found wheel drive
  • When it is running on the battery charge it is very cost efficient but what about when the battery runs out and the petrol engine is used to produce electricity for the electric motors. How efficient is it then?
  • You find it a quiet and composed car to drive.
  • Not the most striking looking car – Based on the Outlander
  • The Prius was a practical car. Like the Prius of a decade earlier, this car breaks new ground for families.

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