Murray Walker: Reminisces from Australia of a great motor racing commentator

We reported in our news the passing of motor racing commentator Murray Walker

He had a good run he was 97 years old.

He did his research but his stock in trade was his unbounded enthusiasm.  He was a motor racing fan first and not a self-promoting expert.

Australian motoring journalist David Berthon knew him well.  David joins us with his reminisces.

Subjects covered include:

  • David met Murray because of a boom scare at a historical event being opened by Prince Charles (0:44)
  • When Murray came to Australia for the Adelaide Grand Prix, David arranged for him to go to Sydney and make some other presentations.
  • Murray’s experience in advertising (4:03)
  • Murray’s self-deprecating humour (6:34)
  • Why Murray helped make formula 1 such a great sport at that time rather than now (8:53)
  • Murray’s father was a famous motorbike racing rider. (11:33)
  • Working with other commentators. A major function for the 1985 Adelaide Grand Prix. Murray behaved impeccably while a disheveled James Hunt chased women. (13:23)

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