Navman: From navigation to information for drivers, road safety & maintenance, and insurance companies

Navman, started back in 1986 based in Australia and NZ, with a focus, as the name suggests, in providing navigation systems for cars and trucks.

But like most or all things high-tech, more and more things are being developed.

Virtual reality is a purely an imagined experience but augmented reality is where you get some extra information to help you operate and make decisions in your current situation.

Augmented reality is an enhanced version of the real physical world by adding visual elements, sound, or other sensory stimuli provided by technology.

And the “new”, soon becomes part of the “norm”. There is now a more generic term, dash cam, as people wish to record an incident or things of interest.

These developments help us reflect on how we can use technology to the individual and community benefit.

Wendy Hammond is Navman’s general manager, Australia & NZ (timing in the interviews in mm:ss)

Issues covered

  • The company started in Australia and New Zealand. Is there still some workforce here? (1:16)
  • Is navigation still an important reason that people buy the system? (1:40)
  • Phone directions that are linked to the car infotainment system interrupt directions if a phone call comes in. Can this happen at inappropriate times? (2:19)
  • Are customers now looking for and accepting new technological applications? (3:11)
  • Dashcam information might help reduce delays from crashes as enough information is collected (3:59)
  • More information is now being collected from crashes (3:59)
  • You can get cameras facing front and rear (4:33)
  • Parking mode: recording when your car has been hit or tampered with (6:07)
  • Information for four-wheel-drive and camping activities (7:05)
  • Cameras for motorbikes (9:19)
  • Carrying hazardous loads (11:04)

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Originally broadcast 22 August 2021

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