Newcastle Motor Racing Reunion

A lot of motor racing appears to be big business and indeed for the major categories this is the case.  Formula 1 teams spend hundreds of million dollars a year and the whole circus would turn over billions of dollars.  But the core foundation of motor racing is local people volunteering their time for the love of the sport.

Indeed flag marshals and track officials at major events are usually volunteering their time.

This creates a fraternity of people at the local level.  People who meet and work on cars and events, together, for no other reward than the sheer joy of participating.

Sadly when these people retire from the sport the opportunity to meet is often lost and when they eventually pass on much of the history is lost.

Well Peter Stringer from Newcastle in NSW wanted to make sure old hands at motor sport still had a chance to meet and their records of past events were not lost so he organised what he thought would be a small reunion.

It’s turning out to be bigger than he thought.

Dale Harvey is one of the people associated with the event and he joins us on the line to discuss what it is all about.

  • What’s your history in motor sport
  • You must have made some good friendships along the way
  • You have an event, how many look like coming
  • You are collecting memorabilia

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