Orthoptist – What eye tests are relevant for driving?

If you have had some trouble with your eyes can you be helped back to driving a car.

This is not just an issue for the old. Many people of all ages can have eye trouble.

But if you have had a problem who is there to help you, what tests might you have to pass to get a licence back and are those tests really helpful.

Optometrists can measure things with your eyes and ophthalmic surgeons can operate

But Orthoptists are eye therapists – they facilitate people who have had some difficulties with their sight and by using exercises and other devices they help bring people back to being able to do practical everyday activities.

Neryla Jolly is an Orthoptist and she has some concerns about current tests to see if you can drive a car.

  • Eye problems are not just for the elderly.
  • How can these problems arise – sickness or accidents
  • You can do eye exercises to help improve a problem area?
  • If I have had a problem what is the current test?
  • You don’t think this is an effective way to measure it
  • What would be a better way?
  • Do you think there is sufficient consideration of what an Orthoptists could and can do?

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