Overdrive: 1960s Mercedes; Buchanan – Exotic Exterior underpinning from available bits; Coronation as a car launch

Hello and welcome to Overdrive a program that looks at all forms of transport from the humble bike through to a rocket powered spaceship.

I’m David Brown

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Three Feature Interviews

This week we have three interviews recorded in non-studio conditions.

Two of the interviews are from people we met at the Car and Coffee show at the St.Ives Showground

The first is a gentleman with a 1950s Australia car and it is certainly not a Holden. It has a copy of prestige open top sports car and not many were made. The underpinnings were what every you could get. (1:26)

The Second is a prestige Mercedes but the owner has a very diverse range of motoring experiences (7:25)

And finally, we chat to a pre-eminent breakfast radio announcer about his first car and how he would of added a motoring theme to the coronation. (13:06)

Motoring Minutes

  • E-Mustang (11:55)
  • Subaru Cross Trek (28:02)

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Originally broadcast on 13 May 2023