Overdrive: Adapting Signals for Pedestrians; VW’s big electric strategy; Bugatti moves to the side

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  • VW strategy single platform, battery cell, and software systems (1:39)
  • Spain to invest big in EVs and batteries (2:32)
  • Squad Mobility’s urban vehicle – an upmarket golf buggy with solar panels (3:35)
  • BMW Electric Scooter for Australia (4:09)
  • Campaign to rid Britain’s pavements of clutter (4:58)
  • Wales seeks 20mph local street speed limit (5:43)

Feature Item

  • Are you frustrated by the time you have to wait for pedestrian signals, either in a car or when walking, how little time you have to cross, or if the lights change and no one is there?
  • We investigate the developments in traffic signals to measure and react to pedestrian movements. (6:56)


  • Some pictures on our social media sites have resonated strongly (20:24)

Motoring Minute

  • Volkswagen Passat 206 Wagon (22:26)


  • Brian Smith discusses hyper-performance cars like Bugattis – which the VW group has pushed to the side. (23:33)

Motoring Minute

  • Toyota Prado (27:29)

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Originally broadcast 17 July 2021