Overdrive: Audi S4 and A4; Toyota Fortuner and Hilux; Jaguar motion sickness; Driving to History

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  1. Audi S4 and S5 (1:50)
  2. New Toyota Fortuner (2:53)
  3. New Toyota Hilux (2:53)
  4. Jaguar teaches driverless cars how to reduce motion sickness (2:51)
  5. Active Driving Assistance Systems Do Less to Assist Drivers and More to Interfere (2:59)


We spent a couple of days driving some new Audis through the picturesque areas near and up in the highlands sound west of Sydney.

  1. Our resident mechanical engineer Fred Brain gives his driving impressions of the Audi Allroad and A5s (7:06)
  2. And Testing cars is not just about their features and performance.  It is about how well you travel and what you see when you get to a destination. We talk to Betty Villy about her historical research in Picton (18:49)

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Originally broadcast 15 October 2020

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