Overdrive: Ban hands-free phones; E-scooters ridden illegally; Nissan GTR; Suzuki Jimny

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I’m David Brown

In this program we have:

  1. British drivers face a ban on hands-free mobiles (1:38)
  2. QTA Announces ‘Eyes On Fatigue’ In-Vehicle Technology Pilot (2:41)
  3. Study Finds Nearly Half Of Shared E-Scooters Being Ridden Illegally (3:25)
  4. Drivewyze introduces notification service for truck drivers (4:40)
  5. Toyota to launch road maintenance study in Japan (5:28)
  6. We hear the second report from Rob Fraser on the anniversary of Nissan sports cars. This time the GTR supercar. (6:14)
  7. We took a new Suzuki Jimny four-wheel drive to a car show but it had to compete for attention with an old Daihatsu. We interview the owner (12:03)
  8. And Brian Smith joins us again for a quirky news story on a competition for cargo bicycles (17:45)

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So, let’s start with the news


Originally broadcast 31 August 2019

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