Overdrive: Call for tax review on EVs; Polestar 2 – driving impressions and why it links to Google

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News (1:24)

  • A major report calls for tax concessions to businesses when buying electric vehicles
  • Hyundai Tucson makes it to second place in June
  • Nissan hangs out for their new Qashqai
  • Why Kia brought out the old Niro model for just one year

Road Test (6:47)

We have spent some time in the Polstar 2 a recent all-electric vehicle on the Australian market.

We talk to Evan Jones about how it drives and then we talk to Alan Zurvas about why it asked you to log in with your Google account.  It’s all part of controlling your new car and likening it to the familiar system you may use at home and elsewhere.

Motoring Minute (21:34)

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Originally broadcast on 9 July 2022

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