Overdrive: Car Super Bowl Ads; CBD designed for autonomous cars

In this program, we look at news stories with including:

  1. New Queensland CBD designed for driverless cars
  2. Holden sells on line
  3. Tesla reveals 2017 financial results, records near $2B loss
  4. Intelligent road studs to improve road safety
  5. 2018 Fiat 500 goes all-turbo, all the time
  6. Modular footpath for London trial

We dedicate the remaining part of the program to a critique of the car ads that were specially developed to play during the broadcast of the 2018 American Super Bowl.  Brian Smith and Errol Smith give their perceptive, witty and at times cynical comments.  Ads to be reviewed include

The good where Vikings are portrayed using a Ram Pickup to tow their boat

The bad – Jeep proclaims the great impact their vehicles have had by showing excessive freeways and diving through environmentally sensitive areas

And the ugly.  Using Martin Luther King’s voice and words from one of his great great speeches to flog (as in sell) pickup trucks.

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