Overdrive: Designing the Toyota Hilux; Volvo XC40; Audi A7; Peugeot 308; Federal Budget & transport

Hello this is Overdrive a program about the facts, the fun, and the fiction of motoring and transport

I’m David Brown


  • 2020-21 Federal Budget – Infrastructure does well (1:38)
  • Car Sales for September 2020 (2:47)
  • Designing the Hilux (3:47)
  • Volvo XC 40 (4:45)
  • The Hummer will be back (5:47)


Alan Zurvas and I take the small Volvo XC 40 SUV for a spin (8:10)

Motoring Minutes

  • Audi A7 (6:50)
  • Peugeot 308 (14:54)


We reflect on infotainment systems – how hard can they be? (14:07)


  • The latest Toyota Hi-Lux had input into its design from Australia.  We talk to Toyota’s manager of product design Peter Elliot (The full interview is on www.drivenmedia.com.au ) (16:06)

Quirky News

In quirky news, Brian Smith and I discuss the psychologically damaging situation of the lady who’s photo license was delivered in the mail and all it showed was an empty chair. (25:49)