Overdrive: Driving in the rain; Electric trucks; Peugeot’s newish 3008 & 5008; Hyundai Staria;

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I’m David Brown


  1. FCAI’s first report on emission levels from vehicle brands in Australia (1:43),
  2. Hyundai Motor reveals additional design details of STARIA (2:43),
  3. Make Overs for Peugeot 3008 and 5008 SUVs (3:45),
  4. Volume production of local electric trucks. (4:52)


Alan Zurvas has been for a spin in 5 different Audi’s around the Phillip Island Race track including the top of the range sports car the R8. (6:01)

Alan and I also have a quick chat about some new Peugeots. (14:08)

Governments become the centre of Buzz words

We look at the wording of a NSW government ad for a critical traffic management position and ask “Have we lost all sense of technology in a sea of buzz words” (17:09)


Having had such a sustained period of rain on the east coast, Rob Fraser reports on his experience with a large pothole and a blown tyre. (19:42)

What the rain tells us about low profile tyres

The incongruity of a low profile tyre and a large pothole is discussed (28:05)

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Originally broadcast 27 March 2021

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