Overdrive: Electric cargo pushbike; Renault Master Van; Works of art on the side of delivery vans

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  • Govt raised $7.1 Million with Mobile Phone Detection Cameras  (1:43)
  • Australians concerned about hygiene on public transport (2:36)
  • Clean is the new safety paradigm for AV development (3:35)
  • Renault van – safety for essential workers (4:34)
  • Zero-emission ambulance (5:34)


  • Brian Smith has bought a cargo electric push bike.  He is not diversifying from a highly respect transport planner to Uber eats deliveries but his story is still important (6:37)
  • We hear how one company is adjusting to lockdowns and what it means for transport in general (13:35)

Quirky News

  • The first in a series on what master artist pictures should you have on the side of your van. (20:41)

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Originally broadcast 23 May 2020

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