Overdrive: Hybrid’s huge success; Mini’s birthday; A Modern Defender!; WHO Road Safety program fails

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  1. Toyota success is clearly with hybrids (1:28)
  2. Details of the new Hilux announced (2:25)
  3. Mini Anniversary (3:24)
  4. Lunaz – Electrifying Rolls Royce Phantom V (4:26)
  5. Road Safety into the Next Decade: Greater commitment and actions in LMICs (5:30)


Rob Fraser talks about the new Land Rover Defender – no more the dinosaur from a previous era (6:36)


Comments and issues from our listeners (14:46)


Alan Zurvas gives his feelings on Toyota’s new Yaris – quality at a price (17:24)

Quirky News

And in our quirky news section Brian Smith and I talk about Tactical Urbanism (24:27)

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So, let’s start with the news

Originally broadcast 29 October 2020

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