Overdrive: Hyundai EV is Car of Year; GWH Ora resembles Mr Potato Head; Phillip Island History races

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Feedback from social media posts

  • Car of the year
  • An art installation that has a rock crushing a Tesla

Road Test – Great Wall Motors Ora

  • Electric car
  • Comment from one of our Interns –  a young persons perspective
  • Comments from Dean

Phillip Island Classic

  • Chat to Fred about the major historic car racing event last weekend at Phillip Island
  • At the event there was a 1946 Maybach – a racing car that was made up from a World War II scout car – a great example of building something from what was available

Highlights from the program

00:02:39 – BBC Car of the year is electric

The BBC, The British Top Gear have given their car of the year to the Ionic 5 an electric vehicle. Times have changed a bit since Jeremy Clarkson was there. I don’t see him as being one who would normally award an electric vehicle.

  • Are car of the year awards definitive or at best indicative
  • They are still making an Australian version of Top Gear – Why

00:05:46 – The motor vehicle in art.

A sculpture of a large stone head crushing a Tesla

Art can mean different things to different people. Is this a comment about:

  • electric vehicles,
  • a general problem with Tesla cars or an anti Musk statement? I
  • It might even be lament that ancient stone headed traditions can squash project or. It might also be a cry to reject modern civilisation and a longing for ancient culture, because the head was one in the style of the old mech civilization which developed in the lowlands of South.
  • Kim Bow wrote in and said it is a “New high visual impact, no parking signs”
  • Brett McGrath said “I’m surprised it being the Tesla didn’t catch fire”

00:08:26 – Great Wall Motors Ora Electric vehicle

  • The Great Wall Motors Aura is a little-ish electric car. Now we have tested one in the past, but with this one we got was a long range. It had a bigger battery.

00:11:12 – Ora road test from a young person’s perspective         

  • First drive of an electric car
  • Regenerative braking needs getting use to
  • New technology with the interface with controls is certainly different
  • Different look: How would your peer group react?
  • Electric vehicles might suit young people because they need less maintenance

00:18:51 – Car looks and being driven to school

  • Is it the car or the parents that are an embarrassment?

00:20:12 – Artist Deal Oliver talks about the Ora design

  • Electric cars mean we are in a post radiator aspect of design
  • The Ora looks a bit like a Mr Potato Head car

00:27:26 – The Phillip Island Classic Festival of motorsport.

  • The biggest historic racing meeting in the Southern hemisphere
  • 1946 Maybach – cobbled together from a German WW2 Scout vehicle
  • 50th anniversary of L34 Torana (a GM sedan muscle car in Australia). Were there more on display than were ever made?

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Originally broadcast 23 March 2024