Overdrive: Jaguar I-Pace, BMW X3, Mercedes E400, Car Memorabilia

Welcome to Overdrive, a program where we wander through the world of motoring and transport.

I’m David Brown

And in this program, we look at news stories with including:

  1. 2019 Jaguar I-Pace revealed: Brits put Tesla on alert
  2. California’s new rules turn self-driving cars into remotely operated, road-going drones
  3. Tesla’s new ‘light-years ahead’ navigation and maps engine is ‘almost done’, says Elon Musk
  4. Trump admin passes rule requiring sounds in ‘quiet cars’ by 2020
  5. Nearly a third of Uber drivers are actually losing money, study shows


I reflect on the size of some information screens in cars and what sort of information can we get.  I have just got to drive the BMW X3 SUV and the information systems and its ability to inform is a good example of how this area of vehicles is improving.

We road test the Mercedes E400 Cabriolet – Elegant motoring

And in our panel discussion with Errol Smith and Brian Smith we take a chirpy look at some quirky news stories including:

  1. You can now buy James Bond’s personal Aston Martin/The mini bike from “Dumb and Dumber” is up for sale/ Car on which Jeremy Clarkson dropped a piano is for sale, mid-restoration (it’s a Morris Marina)
  2. Will Tesla Model S be a “collector car”? Tuckers are, but Kaisers aren’t: why?
  3. Kris Singh’s Aston Martin Valkyrie will have actual moon dust in the paint


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