Overdrive: May car sales; Hyundai Tucson value-for-money with extras?: Very fast train; Batmobile in Russia

Welcome to Overdrive, a program about the wonderful world of motoring and transport.


  • FCAI releases May 2020 new vehicle sales statistics (1:36)
  • Hyundai motor unveils design of new Santa Fe SUV, the ultimate family adventure vehicle (2:34)
  • Tesla shareholder wants Musk to drop his disdain for advertising (3:30)
  • Alpine could become electric-only performance brand (4:30)
  • Self-learning road infrastructure will provide intelligent object-specific early warnings (5:40)


  • Rob Fraser and I chat about what you get and how much it costs if you go for the better model when you buy a small SUV (6:45)
  • Alan Finlay discusses the latest report on the realities of a very fast train – the realities are not good (14:10)


  • Brian Smith is on hand with a quirky news story about a Batmobile replica that caused angst in a communist state. (21:49)