Overdrive: Melb bike share gone; VW/Jaguar Holographics; Singapore trasnport; Elon Musk’s tunnels

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I’m David Brown

In this program we have:

  1. New cars sales for August 2019 (1:32)
  2. Ending Melbourne Bike Share the right decision? (2:01)
  3. VW invests in holographic technology (3:26)
  4. Jaguar Land Rover wants to beam 3D movies right into your eyes (4:09)
  5. Tesla adds games and aps to keep you entertained while charging (4:39)
  6. Hyundai Motor Group reveals personal electric scooter capable of 20km range (5:11)
  7. ‘Road-racing’ deterrent pilot average speed camera made permanent (6:09)
  8. Motoring Minute – Suzuki Vitara (7:03)
  9. Singapore transport – Part of a very functional city– David Campbell and David Brown compare notes (8:07)
  10. Motoring Minute – RAM 1500 Ute (14:15)
  11. Motoring Minute – Artificial intelligence to identify poor line marking (15:34)
  12. Rob Fraser discusses how cars can become members of the family (16:42)
  13. Motoring Minute – Dopes “User pay” really work in transport? (21:59)
  14. Quirky news with Brian Smith – Elon Musk tunnels – Fact or fantasy (23:03)

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So, let’s start with the news


Originally broadcast 7 September 2019

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