Overdrive: Great train trip to Broken Hill; New road rules – but who knows?; Subaru BRZ; Car collective nouns

As we passed Lake Menindee the train slowed down so we could enjoy the beautiful view of the setting sun over the water

G’Day and welcome to Overdrive, a program about all sorts of things to do with motoring and transport and its impact on our culture

I’m David Brown

In the program Paul Murrell and I hold forth on


  • Following on from last week, some comments from our young intern regarding the interview we did last week on car brand ambassadors

Collective nouns

  • We know about collective nouns such as a murder of crows or a parliament of owls.
    What about some for cars – Paul has a great one for Standard motor cars.

Changes to national road rules

  • Apparently, there has been some further efforts to standardise road rules

Road test – Subaru BRZ

  • Just how many sports cars are there on sales in Australia and how does the Subaru BRZ stack up

Train Trip

  • Our artist in residence Dean Oliver took the train to Broken Hill. He reports on the experience

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Originally broadcast 4 May 2024