Overdrive Program – 1 March 2014

Welcome to Overdrive, a program that mulls over issues to do with motoring and transport.
This sound file is a full program. Other segments of the program such as the road test are also on the web site.
I’m DB
And in this program we have the latest news including:
1. The World’s most dangerous driving countries are mapped out
2. License-plate tracking plan withdrawn amid outcry about privacy
3. Volvo’s ‘Roam Delivery’ Service delivers groceries to your car
4. BMW is the first with laser headlights and
5. The world’s first non-studded winter tyre with studs
We discuss the new Renault Clio sport, especially the natty electronic features.
We road test the new Volkswagen Golf Station wagon
And in our panel discussion with Brian Smith and Errol Smith we look at a range of subjects including:
1. Man gets rid of his dog because it ate his car (well part of it anyway)
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