Overdrive Program – Car subsidies, last Ford GT, run your home for the car

Hello this is overdrive a program that looks at the purpose of and the passion for trains, planes and automobiles.
This program and extended segments of the feature interview, road test and panel discussion are also available on the website.
In this program we look at news stories from around the world including:
1. Canada and Australia: a tale of two car industries
2. GM dismisses 15 employees as ‘deeply troubling’ recall probe is released
3. Ford Reveals Celebration FPV GT F And Pursuit
4. Ford steering system needs fewer turns.
5. Run your home from your Toyota car
6. New world record – it’s official!

In our feature interview we talk to Associate Professor Stuart Newstead from Monash University about improved pedestrian safety from better car design.
We road test the two cylinder Alfa Mito
And In our panel discussion with Errol Smith and Brian Smith we chat about a range of subjects including:
1. Nudge, nudge, how the NSW Baird government will get you to pay our bills on time
2. Google Unveils Its First Self-Driving Car Prototype

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