Overdrive Program – Crash test shockers, Keep car data to your self, Horn ban

Hello and welcome to Overdrive, a program where we let our thoughts wonder over the issues of cars and transport

I’m David Brown

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And in this program we look at news stories from around the world including:

  1. Car Sales for the Month of October
  2. India puts safety shockers under microscope
  3. Mercedes, VW to put brakes on Google’s in-car data inroads
  4. Those Who Keep Cars Longer Are Less Brand-Loyal
  5. Manchester United players shun free cars (Seems they prefer British or European over US, surprise?)
  6. Lagos Nigeria bans car horns


In our feature interview we discuss the passing of one of the great motoring characters on the radio

We road test the Hyundai Genesis – Can the Korean car maker move into the luxury league?

And in our panel discussion with Brian Smith and Errol Smith

  1. How a man lost his virginity to VW Beetle
  2. Lego cuts Shell ties, bows to Greenpeace pressure (they’ve been making Shell branded Lego since the 60’s)
  3. Japan builds functional Transformer


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