Overdrive Program – Labor tackles the cities, Road Safety Governance in Western Australia

Hello and welcome to Overdrive, a program that canvases issues related to cars and transport.

I’m David Brown

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In this program we look at news stories from around the world including:

  1. Labor to tackle drive-in, drive-out suburbs
  2. Re-think as councils revolts on new apartment parking rules
  3. A Review of Road Safety Governance in Western Australia
  4. Driving while texting with Google Glass as distracting as phone -study
  5. State spends more than $3m on Moving Victoria ads
  6. Holden to build 100 more of HSV GTS Maloo ute


In our feature interview we discuss a NSW government proposal to remove the requirements for developers to include car parking spaces in high rise developments near some railway stations.

Our road test this week is the Volkswagen Golf GTi performance

And in our panel discussion with Brian Smith and Errol Smith including

  1. Ant venom opens the door to emission-free transport
  2. Bankrolled by friends and fans, Brabham Racing to race in FIA World Endurance Championship

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