Overdrive Program – WCOTY – Clever Hybrids and WRX STI

Welcome to Overdrive, where we cover everything to do with motoring and transport from the sublime to the ridiculous.
This audio file features a full program. Other extended segments of the program, including the road test and panel discussion are also available on the website.
In this program we look at news stories from around the world:
1. Audi A3 is named 2014 world car of the year
2. Glow-in-the-Dark Roads Now a Reality
3. Vehicle safety ratings need to be seen
4. Congestion Charging: Economic Regulation Authority draft report
5. Growing cyclist numbers forcing major rethink on city bike parking
6. Councils want more trees on median strips
In our main interview we hear from Mercedes about advanced technology they are using in their hybrid cars
We road test the wonderful Subaru WRX STI
In our panel discussion with Brian Smith we chat about a range of subjects including:
1. Senate Committee Votes To Keep Driver Black Box Data Private (US)
2. Smart Car “Tipping” prank
3. Airpooler wants to let you hitch a ride on private planes (carpooling in 3 dimensions?)
4. Can You Buy A License to Speed? (in California) I wonder if there is a similar charity in Australia anywhere?

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