Overdrive: Racing a little Mini on a big track; Free Public Transport? Peter Brock’s driving advice

Hello and welcome to Overdrive, a program that ponders the philosophical and the practical aspects of motoring and transport.

I’m David Brown


  1. Could your car keep you safe from COVID-19? (1:54)
  2. 3 star safety carries through to Jeep Gladiator (2:57)
  3. Someone Volkswagen sells $26 million in new vehicles YTD via online ordering (4:05)
  4. paid nearly half a million for a Ford Falcon with no engine (5:08)
  5. Free Transit for Riders Under 18? In Paris, It’s Here (6:13)


Our colleague Fred Brian is racing at Bathurst in the historic category in his 1969 Monaro but we caught up with one of his competitors, Chris Collett who is at the other end of the car sizes; he is racing a mini. (7:23)


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Originally broadcast 17 October 2020

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