Overdrive: Three weird car ads from 2020 Superbowl; Coronavirus causes parts shortage; Mazda CX-30

Hello and welcome to Overdrive a program that samples and savours the world of cars and transport

Coronavirus leads to parts shortage (1:18)

Hyundai/Canoo to co-develop all-electric platform (2:05)

Mazda CX-30 (2:58)

Audi Sales – at last some good news (3:48)

Formula 1: ‘carbon neutral’ by 2030? (4:36)

And car ads at the Superbowl

Audi’s weird one (5:52)

Kia’s sentimental one (14:14)

Genesis’ attempt at humour (18:03)

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So, let’s start with the news

Originally broadcast 15 February 2020